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Nature Therapy

Nature therapy is sometimes referred to as green therapy or eco-therapy and is a formal type of therapeutic treatment which involves doing outdoor activities in nature.

There isn't one single definition of ecotherapy, but it's often used to describe a regular, structured activity that:

  • is led by trained professionals (sometimes therapists), who are there to support you
  • focuses on doing an activity, rather than on your health
  • takes place in a green environment
  • is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world
  • involves spending time with other people, although you can always choose to interact at your own pace.

The process of Nature Therapy

  1. Stressed State: A person is in a state of physical or emotional stress
  2. Restorative Effects of Nature: The person spends time in nature, resulting in improvements in physiological relaxation and the immune function recovery response.
  3. Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): Nature directly increases the parasympathetic nervous system and heightens awareness, causing relaxation

Research has shown that spending time in nature can reduce blood pressure, combat stress, improve your overall physical and mental health and improve your sleep.

Meet our facilitator

My name is Majella O'Kane and I am a health & wellness practitioner. I have been gently walking with people side by side on the path of wellness since 2014, so that they gain confidence in walking there own path.

I am able to offer this healing support through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, reflexology & nature therapy. I love to bring together the science of wellness techniques and the ancient teachings of yoga, applying these principles to our lives in a way that's simple and balanced allowing more connection to ourselves and a general feeling of wellbeing overall.

To request a session please email our Environmental Officer

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