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Heritage On Your Doorstep

What is heritage?

Heritage is a keystone term and can be defined as a range of inherited traditions, monuments, history, objects and culture. Heritage can be:

  • Cultural: families, religion and traditions such as Chinese New Year
  • Historical: Events, buildings or artefacts linked to important historical events such as WWII
  • Industrial: Infrastructure such as reservoirs that have a central role in local historical events
  • Natural: Important species and habitats – these could be bats, ancient woodland and wetland

Did you know that Creggan Country Park was once owned by Earl Bishop Frederick Hervey? He used the 100-acre site as a deer park back in 1800s.  Find out more from our ‘Step Back in Time’ pamphlets.

The heritage of Creggan Country Park can be explored by following our self-led heritage trail or booking a guided tour with our heritage officer. To book please contact [email protected]

Why protect heritage?

It is important that all aspects of our heritage are protected as heritage tells the stories of how communities lived and evolved over time. By preserving heritage we preserve our history and culture which allows current and future generations to gain a sense of belonging and become inspired by the achievements of generations before them.

In 2007 we explored our historical, natural, cultural and industrial heritage thanks to Heritage Lottery Funded project ‘Step Back In Time.’  You can discover it still by downloading our free pamphlets and watching the videos below.

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Set up by the community

As a registered charity that delivers not for profit outdoor activities, we provide access to recreation, education, training, volunteering and a biodiversity rich site for the community.

Activities include water sports, orienteering, geocaching, raft building, free environmental education workshops for schools and annual wildlife and holiday themed events including our popular Hallowe'en programme.
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